Welcome Back Ann

  After two long years how great it will be  
  To see once again the lovely Ann Breen  
  If to her shows you have never been  
  She is a Walking Piece of Heaven you have never seen.  
  So big a welcome back My Forever Friend
  You know shows like this should never end
  But end they must as on your way you go
  To another venue to do another great show.
  It Takes People Like You to make people like us
  Realise dear Lord That This Day Is Good
  She gets the old feet tapping
  Hands clapping high in the air
  It's such a wonderful feeling
  Just to be sitting there.
  We'll just take One Day At A time Ann
  Till we see you again next year
  For people still love you and just cannot wait
  To hear of your next concert and learn of the date.
  Why oh why did you have to go
  I think the answer to that we already know
  You need time to spend with Your Beloved Son
  After all the travelling and hard work you have done.
  Among My Souvenirs I have memories to treasure
  Along with many other things you simply cannot measure
  I'll Always Remember You Love In My Prayers
  And be with you Every Step Of The Way
  For whenever I hear you singing
  It brightens up my day.
  Poem by Carol Redfern from Ashby-De-La-Zouch
  A Welcome Back
  A few chosen words to welcome you on your return
  For in all our hearts the embers of affection continually burn,
  "When The Rivers All Run Dry, We'll Still Be Needing You"
  The lyrics of a fabulous song and do they ring true,
  This show has proved beyond all doubt, why we think so much of you
  You have that certain something Ann, it shows in all you do.
  More than two years have gone by since we saw you last, we've lived in hope you might
  Tour again one day, now we've been rewarded, it's been a wonderful night.
  "It's Good To See You, So Good To See You" to quote the great Brendan Shine
  Moving onto another classic song, this one is a particular favourite of mine,
  A trip to the Emerald Isle inspired Johnny Cash to write "Forty Shades Of Green"
  The hillsides and the colours the likes of which he had never before seen,
  Like him we've missed a lady, but ours was from County Down, now I'm an honest man,
  The truth is, I would walk from home to Rosley Village Hall, just to see you Ann,
  I remember you singing that lovely gospel song, "My Forever Friend"
  We're pleased you've made this comeback, extending your career,
  we're nowhere near the end.
  Poem by Alan Thornbarrow from Penrith.
  To Ann Breen
  ( So Glad You're Back)
  Thanks for the memories Ann,
  For bringing them back once again,
  Thanks for the tour we've been waiting for,

  Thanks for the music and song.


  Since you've been away,
  All we can say
  Is that your retirement
  Really has lasted too long.
  Poem by Peter Clawson from Grantham.