Ann Breen comes from Downpatrick, a lovely little town that nestles at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Northern
  Ann has been involved in music all her life, listening to her grandmother singing all their favourite popular songs of her time.
  In her junior years, Ann won her first competition at the age of nine.  Ann performed the song "Edelweiss" from "The Sound of Music"
  at a competition in her local town.  At sixteen Ann was singing with a local country band and did so for several years.
  Ann continued to sing at semi-professional level on the local cabaret circuit until 1981 when she recorded her first album "Country
  Songbird" with Belfast Record Company "Outlet Records".
  "Pal of My Cradle Days" was released as a single and went straight to No 1 in the Irish charts; then soared up the British National   
  charts to number 47.  The single was so successful that it entered the Guinness Book of Song Records for remaining in the charts
  for two years! Quite a record!.
  In 1983 Ann formed her own band and commenced touring as a professional singer.  During 1984 Ann represented Ireland in the Gold
  Star Awards in Holland and she also appeared on numerous television programmes throughout Ireland and the U.K., winning endless
  awards for her singing and entertaining.
  During 1991 Ann and her band performed at the Silky Berg Festival in Denmark and toured America in 1993.  In 1994 Ann recorded
  "Sweet Sixteen", a song which was used as the Theme Tune in a Swedish film "The Last Dance".  The single was released in
    Scandinavia and this led to Ann making her first appearance on Swedish Television in Stockholm.
  Touring on the mainland in the early 90`s became so demanding for Ann that she moved residence to Buckinghamshire, England and
  lived there until moving back to Ireland in 2004.
  Ann continues to record and tour with her band throughout Ireland, Great Britain, U.S.A. and Scandinavia singing her blend of Irish,
  Country and popular songs.
  Appeared on U.T.V. at the age of 12 years.
  Received a gold disc for sales of "Pal of my Cradle Days".
  In the Guinness Book of Song Records because the single remained in the British charts for 2 years.
  Appeared on Granada TV, RTE TV, UTV and Swedish TV.
  Special Guest on Ann Robinson`s BBC Radio Show.
  Ann with her band broadcast 3 live shows for BBC Radio 2 - 1983, 1991, 1993.
  Had 3 No 1 hits in Ireland.
  Represented Ireland in Holland in 1984 for the European Gold Star Awards.
  Runner up to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  Starred in a UTV documentary on ANN BREEN.
  Appeared on the same bill as: Max Bygraves, Johnny Cash, Freddie Star, Tammy Wynette, George Hamilton IV, Stella Parton, Roy
  Walker and many many more.
  Ann has toured America, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and performed in many festivals across Europe.
  Further to Ann's achievements, in 1993 a British  film producer Colin Nutley was making a film about a young Swedish couple involved
  in  a ballroom dancing-love story. The story was filmed in their home town of Stockholm, Blackpool and Barbados. While filming in
  Blackpool, Colin Nutley was taking a stroll along the promenade when, as he passed a record shop, he heard a young lady singing.
  He was so taken by the singers voice he stopped to listen, then decided to go in and ask who the singer was, to be told it
  was Ann Breen. So impressed by her beautiful voice he bought the C.D.  Later he contacted her record company and asked if Ann
  would sing two songs in his new movie. Sweet Sixteen was used as the theme song to the film and a compilation album of the movie
  was released.  Abba, Eddie Grant and Neil Diamond were some of the tracks on the album.  Sweet Sixteen, to Ann's delight,
  was released as the single.
  Ann has enjoyed an exciting time appearing on Swedish T.V.  promoting the film, C.D's, Videos etc. throughout Europe.
  The movie "SISTA DANSEN" (THE LAST DANCE) was shown at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.  Another fine achievement in Ann's
  successful singing career.