For those of you who may find difficulty ordering our merchandise online  we have provided the following information to simplify the
  From this page, click the "Back" button to return to the "Merchandise" page.
  On the "Merchandise" page you can view all the CDs, cassettes, DVDs and videos and by clicking over the selected image, you can
  view information of the song titles.
  Choose the required item then click the "Add to Cart" button alongside the item of your selection.
  Your selection will be shown along with the price, you can select further items by clicking the "continue shopping" button or removing
  any item from the shopping cart by clicking in the "remove" box.
  Once you have selected and checked all your items in the shopping cart, click the "proceed to checkout" button to purchase your
  You can order securely on this website via credit card by simply browsing our merchandise, adding to your shopping cart and going
  through PayPal's easy checkout process.
  You can pay with a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.
  You can view the contents of your PayPal shopping cart by clicking 'View Cart' at any point whilst browsing our website.
  Is it safe to shop here?
  Yes. All transactions on our site are conducted through a third party credit card processing company called PayPal.
  PayPal is a respectable, trusted and established company that provides secure methods of making payments across the Internet.
  PayPal uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure that all transactions are secure. Transactions using Secure Socket
  Layer are encrypted - that means that anyone trying to intercept this encrypted information is presented with a series of letters and
  numbers that make no sense and have no bearing on your credit card details.
  When you purchase items from us you can be sure that your credit card and personal details are processed securely by PayPal. As a
  customer, you do not have to register your details with PayPal before purchasing items from us.
  Our site operates as any other webstore you may have used; you add the desired items to your "shopping cart" and then proceed to
  the "checkout" where you will be asked to enter your Credit Card details and a delivery address. The amount for the items (including
  delivery charges) are debited from your Credit Card by PayPal who then deposits the funds into our bank account.
  Because we use PayPal, we do not receive your credit card or bank account details. All we receive is details of the items you have 
  purchased and your delivery address.
  Which credit cards do you accept?
  PayPal accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (except corporate cards), Switch/Solo, Visa
  For all enquiries and any further information, contact Jimmy Hughes
  Tele   Mobile 07778873691